I am  a kind of mammoth of the IT market. I am getting on in years and not familiar with services like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. I have also issues with writing on the touch keyboard. However, I well remember the days of programming in Assembler and all commands of DOS operating system. The same situation is with my first graphics application, i.e. Microsoft Paint. Long time ago this was very popular application. In its heyday all the kids who got computers instead of cards spray painted on the screen. However, this application remains almost unchanged since Windows 95, until now. Microsoft Paint shone recently deserted.

Because of lack of any updates and changes, this tool has died a natural death.

It was a shame, so I am glad that Microsoft took a step forward and they have decided to rebuild this application. The Microsoft’s conference is coming up, so this will be the ideal moment to show the new design of this old program. You may find that not only the Surface will attract people. New Paint may be the revolution. In the network appeared a video showing the capabilities of the new Paint. The first is the 3D design. I must admit that as I watch a recording that it’s hard for me to believe that this tool is really good old Paint in the new version. My mom loves to draw with graphic tablet and I am going to install her Windows 10 with new Paint. I am sure that she will appeal new features and capabilities of this basic graphics application. The new Paint will have also built-in options such as the ability to use available online graphics and stickers. The conference will be held until October 26, and I already can not wait for this release. This can be a very interesting event.

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