4K technology gives incredible satisfaction you finally hit the market, which was heading from the outset. It gives an amazing picture, beautiful color, incredible resolution and high dynamic of contrast. This all is for us to provide the best scenes and effects. At the moment the most popular 4K enjoys the game industry, where users will be happy to see the more specific details of the models. Although this situation is going to be changed, because Windows 10 operating system has recently received the Netflix update which provides the 4K resolution support.

Already Netflix was providing the 4K in their streaming applications, but it was available only for new Smart TVs. The policy against piracy on the Internet did not allow develop this technology for personal computers, for fear that it could lead to breaking of DRM mechanism. As we know, it did not help at all, because people found a way to download the latest episodes of Bloodline series in Ultra HD quality…

Unfortunately, the 4K resolution will not be available for all PC users.

If you want to enjoy of Ultra HD quality in Netflix service then you have to stock up on good equipment, and here the requirements are already really high. In order to launch 4K content you have to install the latest version of Windows 10 and have the seventh generation Intel processor, i.e. Kaba Lake. Of course, the proper display with 4K resolution also is needed. Currently these hardware requirements are meet by high performance gaming laptops like e.g. the Lenovo Yoga 910. Besides the hardware requirements, you still have to have the Premium subscription for $12.

However, the most controversial requirement is the fact that 4K resolution is supported only by Microsoft Edge web browser. Also, Windows 10 shows warning, that Edge is very power effective browser and allows us to watch Netflix longer than on other browsers, e.g. Google Chrome.

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