We can observe a lot of changes on mobile devices market. Every month we have a lot of new devices. Maybe, flagship smartphones look very similar and have almost the same specification, but we have a lot of interesting cheap mobiles. However, the market of mobile operating systems is very static.

Android Marshmallow is gaining its popularity every month, but Google will release Android Nougat in couple months. Apple has recently released the public beta of new iOS. Microsoft has released Anniversary Update for Windows 10 smartphones. However, it looks that developers and also smartphone users forgot that we have on the market 3 different mobile operating systems.

The latest statistics show that only Android and iOS count on the market.

I am not surprised. In my opinion, Windows Mobile (or Windows Phone) is not good choice as the operating system for modern smartphone. I have to admit, that low budget Lumia with Windows Phone 8.1 has long battery life time, because the OS and the hardware are matched. However, if you buy a smartphone, then you will want to install several applications. And here we have a problem. What is the most popular mobile application released a few weeks ago? You guessed it – the AR (Augmented Reality) game – Pokemon Go. The statistics from Kantar Worldpanel shows that Niantic Studio has formed a death sentence on Windows mobile operating system.

Apple smartphones and tablets are the most popular in highly developed countries, i.e. Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the US. This is great success of Apple management. Worldwide sales results are also very promising for Apple. Their newest models, i.e. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were most frequently purchased and these two devices has achieved 15% result. The Samsung Galaxy series is the king of Android devices with 14% sales share. Also, small iPhone SE has quite good result, i.e. 5%.

Windows Mobile/Phone had noted the highest lost in France.

This is very bad year for Microsoft mobile department. Their operating system for smartphones has only 5.6% of worldwide market. Microsoft hopes that their Windows Bridge for iOS project will change this trend. This is the reason why we have a lot of applications for Windows 10 which look the same as their iOS versions. I wonder if Niantic Studio will port their game using this tool. Currently, they are facing a lot of stability issues. In my opinion, porting tool may be very useful, because it reduces costs of application development for new platform. However, I bet that this tool is not perfect and also developer has to maintain ported application. From a business point of view, even porting of application to little popular platform may be simply unprofitable.

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