Pokemon Go players can do a lot. Literally, they play this the most popular AR game everywhere. You can find a lot of screenshots from Pokemon Go made in strange places. For an example, someone tried to catch Pidgey on a stripper in Night Club or Squirtle during the funeral. I hate when people are using their smartphones in cinema, so I will not share my opinion about playing Pokemon Go during funeral or weeding ceremony.

This time, famous Russian YouTuber is in trouble because of playing Pokemon Go game in the church. Ruslan Sokolovsky has recorded and published a video as he was playing Niantic Labs production inside the Church of All Saints in Yekaterinburg. This video was watched almost a million times.

21 years old YouTuber was charged with inciting hatred and insulting religious feelings. He can stay in the jail even 5 years! This is the maximum sentence for this offense. Pokemon Go game is not yet officially released in Russia. However, people are playing this hit from Niantic Studio anyway, because they install the Android app downloaded from mirror pages. Unfortunately, Russian officials have already picked holes in Pokemon Go game.



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