People were accompanied by electromagnetic radiation from the beginning of history. The sources of natural radio waves are, among others, lightning and distant galaxies. Also, our Earth generates its own magnetic field (once used it for navigation), and electrical, which is the result of ionization process. Of course, natural radiation is very weak people the man from decades generates ever more powerful radiation of different types. Therefore, both scientists and ordinary people are wondering about the impact of mobile phones, telecommunication towers and or Wi-Fi networks on our health.

The electric field is related to the magnetic field and vice versa. These relationships were ordered by James Clerk Maxwell in 1861, when he had introduced the concept of the electromagnetic field. While 25 years later, Heinrich Hertz performed the first transmission of radio waves. Today we can not imagine our life without wireless transmission. It is used to watching TV (even cable), listen to the radio and of course the Internet access. In addition, electromagnetic radiation is generated by each electric conductor with flowing current. Fortunately, the source of strong magnetic and electric fields and are away from us, and the same radio waves strongly weak with increasing of the distance. Also, modern telecommunication equipment and transmission techniques reduce the transmission power.

Mobile antenna base station

The biggest fear arouse huge radio communication towers.

What the eye does not see, the heart does not grieve over. Therefore, big transmitters of terrestrial TV and radio stations are built far away from our homes and apartments. They transmit signals at high power, but the antennas are very high, often on slopes. Therefore, the signal which is reaching to us is weak and we have to use directional antennas in order to receive it. However, the situation is different in the case of cellular base stations. They are close to us, often on the roofs of buildings. Fortunately regulations define the maximum level of electric field in places where people can stay. Interestingly, it is much lower than the field generated by our mobile phone during a call.

Every smartphone has to meet the standards for SAR.

Mobile phone manufacturers must thoroughly test their devices before they are released for sale. One of the parameters that should interest us, if you are interested in your health, is the SAR parameter, i.e. Specific Absorption Rate. It determines the amount of energy absorbed by the body when using a mobile phone. Of course, the smaller SAR is better for us. Mobile phones also operate in a way that reduces transmit power when it is possible. Thus, the proximity of the base station may be an advantage for us, because then our phone will radiate weaker radio waves. During the conversation we should not also cover placed in the inside antennas. Therefore, the smartphone should be held by the edges and push it to face only by the index finger, not the whole hand.

Man using smart phone

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