Before decent smartphones have appeared on the market (what is, incidentally, a very long, long time ago) I always had a handy Nokia phone. I do not parted with the brand for many years. I went through several models: 5110, 3310, 2310, N95 and N75 Mini.

I am very sad because of this that the life of this brand is almost finished. I mean, of course, the real classic Nokia, not a substitute released by Microsoft under the Lumia name. As it turns out Nokia probably wants to go back to the market, because two new models have just appeared on the market. However, these phones are produced under the banner of Nokia and Microsoft, so it may not be as fun as we all expect.

These two new mobiles are Nokia 216 and Nokia 216 Dual SIM.

This is practically a single model, but in two variants. The equipment is extremely simple, and in the era of modern smartphones it looks a little strange, but interesting. The display is very small and it has only 2.4 inches. I bet that most of it will not fit. But there is one very big plus of this phone. Nokia 216 is able to operate at a single charge up … CAUTION … 19 days of standby time or 18 hours of talk time (using 2G GSM network) or 47 hours of music playback! You can also install additional memory card with up to 32 GB capacity, so you will able to use this phone as MP3 player. There is one thing that may interest you much. These phones are priced at about $55!

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