Some strange react to information on smartphones from China. A lot of people think that they are just a cheap imitation of Apple and Samsung. However, in this tangle you can be found also gems that please their quality. Some manufacturers in China are able to make a phone that will not only be well presented on the auction website, but also a very good work.

Smartphones from manufacturers in China have one significant common element that attracts them to customers, and that is the low price. Each of us does not like to overpay, and there is no reason to be ashamed. With the advent of such companies on the market for smartphone can not afford even the person who has less prosperous pocket. More and more often in the hands of people you can see the brand phones ZTE, Xiaomi or Meizu and many, many others. Therefore, I decided to make a small summary of these lesser-known companies, because maybe you will find something in it for themselves.


In my opinion leader – malicious call products from this company as a bag of rice. It is becoming increasingly well-known Chinese form of producing not only cell phones. I fell in love with it after the release to the market the first smartband, i.e. Mi Band. Value for money products Xiaomi is highly satisfactory. For a small amount of cash you can buy a great working product. At a time when Apple and Samsung expect from us for our flagship amount within the $ 1,000 to Xiaomi is launching similar equipment, which costs about $300 – $500. Thanks to the long life cycle of a single product, as well as using the same parts, the company could negotiate better prices from manufacturers parts. It was translated into a lower cost of a single device. The flagship products of the company are: Xiaomi Mi Band, Xiaomi Mi2, Mi2S, Xiaomi rRdmi 1.2 and 3, Xiaomi Mi 5s and others.

Xiaomi Redmi 3


Doogee a thoroughbred Chinese officially available in our country. Thus, if such a model gets you in the eye, you do not have to look for this on Aliexpress. Company curious users model number T3. It is distinguished by two screens. One of them is contained at the top. Doogee T3 is not only a secondary display capable of presenting all kinds of notifications, but also interesting design. The prices are very low, because you can find several smartphones in $200 – $300 range. It is worth mentioning also that in the context of rebellion in relation to Apple, Doogee released the angular smartphone. It was to be the answer to the iPhone 6, which has gently sloping edges.

Doogee T3


The company Umi does not enjoy in our country too good opinion. Remember that everyone has their good days and bad days, and one model, which is shoddy, does not prove that each next one will be. An interesting model turns out to Super Umi, whose price is about 700 dollars. In terms of design Umi super is a little like smartphones HTC One series. The downside of this smartphone is the weight. Unfortunately, it is quite heavy, because reaches 196 grams. The board is pure Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The smartphone is equipped with a 13MP camera from Panasonic. It is found in the company of two (two-tone) LEDs. It is not only a very well-made and elegant, but also decently efficient.


Do any of you have any another Chinese brand that you like? Please write in the comments, in which smartphones our brothers from Asia zaopatrzyliƛcie and which have advantages and disadvantages. We are curious about your opinion.

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