Producers of Android smartphones are increasingly turning their devices towards users using two SIM cards. Previously, these people were doomed to Sony products, flagships imported from China or devices from the so-called medium shelf. Now it turns out that the Samsung Galaxy S9 supporting two SIM cards will appear in Europe. It will certainly be available in Germany, perhaps we will also see it in other European countries.

The service of two SIM cards is appreciated above all by people with a private and business phone number. Carrying two smartphones is not very convenient. Samsung is slowly recognizing this group of customers also on the old continent. Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 in the dual SIM versions are available in several European countries, with only Note 8 being sold in some countries. Koreans use the hybrid SIM solution here. It consists in the fact that the user can install on the smartphone two nano SIM cards or one SIM card and a microSD memory card.

Samsung Galaxy S9 in the dual SIM version has been noticed on the German manufacturer’s website.

In the smartphone list available on the website of the German branch of Samsung, there is the SM-G960F/DS device. The letter F stands for the international version, while DS stands for Dual SIM. Unfortunately, this does not mean that the model will also be sold in all European countries. We will have to wait a while to clarify this matter. The new flagship Samsung will be presented in less than a month, i.e. on February 25. Then we will get to know the date of the launch of new smartphones. Most probably, it will take place at the turn of March and April. We will know the official prices of individual models a moment earlier.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

Source: Samsung GermanyLetsgoDigital

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