Recently smartphones like to ignite, explode and cause damage to other users. I do not know if this is a trend or used components are bought from one faulty source. The cause is hard to establish. It is known, however, that something like this happens and does not apply to only one model, or one line. Recently, the surprise of one of the passengers of flights made phone, after which hardly anyone expected problems.

It was the older cousin of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, namely the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Personally, I thought that the problems associated with the Note does not apply to the Galaxy line of smartphones and they are safe. Samsung Galaxy S6 lit on board China Airlines on the route Palau – Taoyuan. The entire newspaper reported on Taiwanese Taiwan News. The event took place on 7th December this year, on Wednesday, around seven o’clock. As it happens at the very beginning after the incident, the cause of spontaneous combustion is not yet known, but apparently was sent to investigate the appropriate authorities. At this time, the network can only read about it, that there was a self-ignition device and a cabin on the plane was smoky. Fortunately, the aircraft staff reacted very quickly and put the smartphone in a bucket of ice, which stopped further burning. Passengers flight, nothing happened, and the person to whom faulty Samsung Galaxy S6 was only has burned his fingers.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The sad thing is that it is another Samsung phone.

It is a company, which is incredibly like and respect, but I’m afraid, as such actions will reflect on their image in the market. First, the great scandal of the Galaxy Note 7 in the lead role, and now this. I bet that the advertising campaign of Samsung Galaxy S8 will have to be really decent, and prices much lower that Samsung has sold as many models as always they would get cash.

Source: Phone Radar, PTS News Network

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