Samsung currently has two flagship lines. These are models from the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, which for most people differ only with the S Pen present in the Note models. That’s why the heads of Samsung are considering the possibility of placing a stylus on the Galaxy S10+, which would mean the end of the series Galaxy Note. Is such an idea a good solution?

Is having a similar device in your portfolio is a good sales policy? The heads of Samsung are trying to answer this question. At least the results from reports published by the Korean magazine The Bell. More specifically, the differences between the devices in the series Galaxy Note and Galaxy S in the Plus variant. For many users the difference between them comes down mainly to the S Pen stylus. A few years ago, the Note series smartphones stood out against the backdrop of the Galaxy S. presented half a year earlier. A good example here is the Galaxy Note 7, which had a faster processor than the Galaxy S7, and had an iris scanner. Note 8 was convincing with a double camera. However, according to current leaks Galaxy Note 9 will not be too different from the Galaxy S9 Plus. Here, in fact, the Koreans put everything to improve the S Pen.

The S Pen stylus can land on the Galaxy S10 Plus

This would mean that Galaxy Note 9 would be the last model in this series. That would at least look in theory. Many people think that the Note series flagship are really refined versions of the Galaxy S. The users often count on the fact that Samsung will put in the copies sold in the autumn what it did not have time to prepare for the models presented in February. Essentially, this approach makes sense and allows Samsung to compete with iPhones appearing in the last quarter of each year. That’s why quite a few people think that Galaxy Note models are the best Android smartphones on the market. However, there are also people who assume that it is not worth paying extra for the Note model, since S Plus offers practically the same.

If Samsung decides to connect the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines, next year should show the model Galaxy S10 Plus with the S Pen. Currently, it is suspected that the Koreans will present 3 variants of S10 with screens of various diagonals, i.e. 6.44” (Plus version), 6.2” (standard version) and 5.8” (economic model). However, the decision to place the S Pen on the Galaxy S10 Plus has not yet been made. Therefore, it is unlikely that such a variant will be presented in the vicinity of next year’s MWC.

Source: The Bell

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