Perhaps you are wondering why HMD Global would have designed a smartphone that looks like a 7-year-old Apple flag, i.e. a good old iPhone 4. At first glance, Nokia which looks like an old iPhone is a mistake. Now in the fashion are frameless mobiles like the Samsung Galaxy S8. Some time ago someone has taken photos of the upcoming Nokia 9, but the smartphone was locked in a masking case that masked all the design details.

So far released smartphones with the Nokia logo are the proverbial meanings to stand out from the crowd thanks to high quality workmanship and frequent updates. However, we still did not see the flagship model, which could compete with the best smartphones on the market. Why? Nokia and HMD Global did not want to repeat the Blackberry mistake. This brand also wanted to be on the Android device market, but Blackberry Priv has not won hearts of people around the world. It was just too expensive, and customers preferred to buy something that is the iPhone or the new flagship from the Samsung Galaxy S series. That is why the smartphones with the Nokia logo are returning to the market slowly but deliberately.

The Nokia 9 is supposed to resemble its iPhone 4 appearance.

So at least that say leaks from China. However, it is not about copying the look of Apple’s 7 year old smartphone with the smallest details. The leaks concern exactly the aluminium frame that has just hit the iPhone 4. Although many manufacturers have tried to copy this effect, but it was not always the best. We only hope that with Nokia 9 will be different and HMD Global will prepare something special.

So far we know quite a bit about the specifications of the upcoming Nokia 9. Nokia TA-1004 has recently appeared in the AnTuTu benchmark database. We already knew that the Nokia 9 will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset and 4GB of RAM. Again, information about 64 GB of internal memory has been confirmed. The novelty is that all cameras will have the same resolution, namely 13 MP. This also applies to the front that is used to do selfie. On the GeekBench benchmark, there are entries suggesting that HMD Global is preparing a smartphone with 8 GB of RAM. Perhaps the Nokia 9 will be released in several versions.

Nokia 9 AnTtuTu

Source: GSMArena

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