It would seem that in the age of modern smartphones with huge displays, the old-fashioned design of a classic phone has no place to be. However, there is a narrow audience who does not need Facebook every 5 minutes. This is evidenced by the return of the Nokia 3310, or the new LG Exalt LTE, which is really a modern flip phone. This is a very interesting model, because besides LTE, it also supports Wi-Fi Calling and VoLTE.

The new Nokia 3310 is nothing special in terms of telecommunication. This is a regular traditional phone that only works on GSM networks. HMD Global has played here on the sentimental memories of the former owners of this iconic phone. The LG Exalt LTE is a very interesting offer for Verizon customers in the United States. It would seem that flip phones are a relic of the past and we will never see them again. However, they have one, but this is a very important advantage. As we slide out of our pockets, it does not break the screen.

LG Exalt LTE supports both LTE and older cellular networks.

The new LG flip phone has been hailed on the Web as an LTE-only device. I do not know where this is due to understatement, but on many sites we can read that the LG Exalt LTE works only within the LTE network. This is not true. Both the specification on the operator’s website as well as the user’s manual shows the support for 3G UMTS and 2G GSM networks.

LG Exalt LTE gsm LG Exalt LTE networks

Interest in Wi-Fi Calling. This is probably the only non-smartphone in the world that uses Wi-Fi to make voice calls. It’s not exactly written right, but LG with flip also supports VoLTE. The operator boasts here the support for HD Voice over 4G LTE networks, which is the marketing term VoLTE.

For a modern flip phone from LG we will pay $168.

Well, it’s a pretty pricey proposition, because we’ll get a lot of Android smartphones too. What do we get for $168? The LG Exalt LTE has a 1,470 mAh battery that lasts up to 10 days in standby mode or 6 hours continuous talk time. The camera has a resolution of 5 MP, while the internal memory of 8 GB can be expanded with a 32 GB microSD card. The WQVGA TFT LCD display has a diagonal of 3” and displays an image with a resolution of 400 x 240 pixels. We also have Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi 802.11n support. The whole is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset with a quad-core 1.1 GHz processor. Surely this model is the honeymoon of its amateurs, interesting only if LG will prepare versions for other operators.

Source: Verizon Wireless

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