It is well-known that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile has a categorical prohibition to pick it to the airplanes. Of course, many owners of this phone already replaced their smartphones to other models. But unfortunately, there are those who believe that the general problem of the Galaxy Note 7 does not apply to their equipment. This model has been definitively withdrawn from the production and sales when the recall program has not brought the desired effects. Samsung should communicate the true cause of these problems soon. They probably already know what causes spontaneous combustion of Galaxy Note 7 model. However, this thesis is already being verified by experts. Koreans are not going to speculate, because they want to clarify this issue before the launch of the new flagship smartphone, i.e. Galaxy S8.

On the web there were even rumors about the resumption of sales of Galaxy Note 7, but they were denied by Samsung. This smartphone will never return to the market. Airport services are very squeamish on this point, as it was shown by the recent blocking the gate for a long time at one of the airports in the United States. Therefore, you should not be surprised when someone from service asks you to check your phone model, just before boarding. You can find information about the entire event in social media, in this case on the Twitter.

Someone has launched a Wi-Fi hotspot with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 name.

One of the travelers, tired of unnecessary waiting, and so bored because of delaying briefing, he pulled out his laptop and decided to work remotely, to take advantage of unnecessary time. Launching a laptop, it was obvious, that he will need to connect to the Internet. When he wanted to find one of the free hotspots, so popular at all airports in the country, in the screen of networks, he saw one entry and was terrified. One of the item on the Wi-Fi networks point list was named Samsung Galaxy Note7_1097. Named hotspot was pointed one of the devices prohibited on board aircraft. As it turned out, he was not the only person concerned in SSID of this network. It turned out that exactly his flight was delayed by concerned service airports about specific name of the hotspot.

Twitter users reported that the perpetrator of the confusion could be the holder of the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Those who bought Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the United States could replace problematic smartphone to Galaxy S7 Edge. A lot of people have benefited from this exchange program and was conducted in cooperation with local operators. But it seems that in the case of software branded by T-Mobile US, there is a small problem with the data migration. It turns out that migration also can export the name of the Wi-Fi hotspot. Therefore, on this fatal day on the airport was likely to be former holder of the Galaxy Note 7, who switched dangerous device for Galaxy S7 Edge and exported his data.

Source: Gizmodo, Twitter

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