Everyone thought that the Galaxy Note 9 would have exactly the same camera as the Galaxy S9+. However, recent rumours suggest that Note 9 will get an improved Super Slow Motion mode that will allow you to record scenes twice as long in 960 frames per second. This means that the slowed scenes in Note 9 will be 0.4 seconds long.

The biggest innovation introduced by Samsung in Galaxy S9 / S9 + is a new camera that allows you to record videos in 960 frames per second. This is possible thanks to sensors that have an integrated signal processor and DRAM memory. At the same time Samsung uses two systems interchangeably: Sony IMX345 and Samsung S5K2L3 ISOCELL Fast. Both allow you to use the Super Slow-mo mode. It works on the principle that only a 0.2 second scene is recorded in a slow tempo. The rest of the video is recorded normally. One update has extended this time to 0.4 seconds, but this requires a resolution limit of 480p.

Galaxy Note 9 will be a really improved version of the Galaxy S9 Plus

The new Samsung flagship will be officially presented on August 9. However, now we know quite a bit about the Galaxy Note 9. One of the expected improvements is the extended recording time in slow-motion mode. It’s possible that Samsung will get it using sensors with more DRAM memory. Other rumours say that the Note 9 is to receive a battery with a capacity of 4,000 mAh. It seems that this information was partially confirmed by a short commercial spot from Samsung, which promises longer battery life.

Samsung also announces faster data download. This is surprising to me because Note 9 is to use exactly the same chipsets as the Galaxy S9. This means exactly the same performance and LTE modem of the same class. Perhaps Samsung refers here to slower competition.

Another improvement is to be more memory. Galaxy S9/S9+ already offers 256 GB of internal space. Could the new advertisement suggest that Note 9 will have as much as 512 GB of memory?

In practice, the biggest advantage of Galaxy Note 9 is the new S-Pen stylus, which uses Bluetooth communication. Another improvement for the Galaxy S9+ is a slightly larger display.

Source: GSMarena

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