Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is very popular topic in all media. What moment there are about any news and after each have a larger banana on your face. This from today made slightly crooked my belief and I do not know whether to laugh or cry, but the deeper thinking I came to the conclusion that rather this is not ridiculous.

One of active Twitter users has posted on your profile picture taken in Hong Kong.

It was not anything great, but the main plan shows a great exhibition of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones at a promotional price. I am very surprised that someone sells these dangerous mobiles which can explode at any time. I know, that in most cases the problem occurs when Note 7 is being charged, but this is not valid anymore. In my opinion, this is highly unethical that someone preys on uninformed customers. Also, I think that almost everyone has heard about the problem with Galaxy Note 7. Unfortunately, it is not known how much is this “special price”, because Twitter user did not dare to ask about this.

In all normal countries, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was long ago withdrawn from sale.

Using it is an open threat to health and life. In theory, this smartphone should not be available for purchase anywhere. Unfortunately, it looks different in the practice. Of course, you will not buy any Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the United States, because it has been prohibited. Also, a lot of airlines have banned this smartphone and it is not allowed to carry it on the board. Therefore, if you plan to travel by aircraft probably then you should leave Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at home, or… get rid of this.

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