Traffic accidents happen and are difficult to predict. Sometimes it is difficult to clearly identify the culprit. However, when an autonomous car participates in such an event, everyone wants to determine who (or what) is guilty: driver of another car or maybe the software. Several days ago an accident with Uber’s autonomous car happened in Tempe (Arizona, United States).

The following video from Mark Beach clearly shows what happened. The autonomous Volvo XC90 is on the left side and next to the other participant. Next you can see also a third vehicle with a dented door. The Volvo XC90 is 2 tons SUV so a lot of energy is needed to turn over this car. That’s why the photos from the scene of the accident look pretty serious. Fortunately, nothing serious happened. Uber’s autonomous vehicles are obviously in the testing phase, so they always have a human on the driver’s seat, so the real driver can take control of the car at any time.

Uber’s autonomous car was in the self-driving mode during the accident

Initial reports indicate that the fault of the whole event is probably the driver of the second car. In the foreign media it is stated that he did not give up the priority of passing the oncoming Uber’s car. However, this is always another case of autonomic car attendance, so Uber has decided to suspend (at least temporarily) tests.

This is another Uber punch. Not so long ago one of their autonomous cars drove in red light, what led to a collision with another vehicle. It is also said that the Uber Autonomous Vehicle program is not achieving satisfactory progress and it simply has poorly prepared software. The company has recently also had to fight the adversities of another nature. In the web you can find more and more negative comments from Uber drivers who complain about working conditions and treatment by the company. Not to mention ongoing conflicts with taxi companies in different countries.

Tesla is far better at it

The so-called Tesla’s autopilot, i.e. the intelligent driver assistant, was also suspected several times of causing a collision or even a fatal accident. However, Tesla can also boast the success of its autonomous vehicle technology. Currently the software available in the commercial version of the vehicle is able to keep track of several vehicles in front of us. Thanks to this Tesla car predicted an accident that occurred on the Dutch motorway in December last year.

Currently, autonomous technology developed by Tesla works perfect under good weather conditions. The car can take us to work, it will find itself a parking place, and even stop in front of the pedestrian, who will suddenly come in front of the mask.

Source: BBC, Freesco News

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