I am a fan of new technologies myself, but I am not fascinated enough to entrust them with my life. Apparently a completely different opinion on this subject has a Briton who in his Tesla S 60 turned on the autopilot mode, and then switched to the passenger seat. Fortunately, there was no accident, but the “driver” was found guilty of creating a threat in land traffic.

Elon Musk and other representatives of Tesla clearly emphasize that their cars, which are available for sale, are not autonomous cars. This means that the Tesla S 60 is not yet ready to move independently on public roads without constant supervision of the driver. Despite the warnings present everywhere, Bhavesh Patel decided to check what the electronics in Tesla, which he has for 5 months, can do. The whole situation took place on the busy M1 motorway. The police were informed by another driver who, ahead of Tesla, noticed that the driver was missing.

British driver has been banned from driving for 18 months

In addition, the “driver” received a fine of 18 thousand pounds (over 8,000 zlotys). He has also been directed to a 10-hour safety training course and will have to work 100 hours on a social basis. The police officers in front of the court admitted that the driver stopped by them confessed to the crime and considered his behaviour as irresponsible and stupid. However, they also pointed out that the convict was extremely fascinated by Tesla S 60’s capabilities. Tesla’s representative testified that the autopilot function available in the accused’s car is not an autonomous mode and is not intended to replace the driver. It is only a set of advanced mechanisms supporting the driver, which, of course, will improve road safety.

Of course, Tesla is also intensively working on the autonomous mode, which works only for a certain time in certain weather conditions. However, even during tests, the driver is still in the right armchair and is ready for immediate reaction.

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