More and more companies are serious about developing autonomous vehicles. The leaders here are Tesla and Google, but other great IT giants also want to develop their own system that will drive the car for us. Recently, Apple has joined to the group of companies which are testing their solutions on the road. Also, Samsung has the same plans.

The difference is that Apple will test its autonomous car in California, while Samsung in South Korea. The Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport approved Samsung’s tests. Until now, Koreans have had to limit themselves to trials conducted on adapted racetracks. Now, the autonomous Hyundai controlled by Samsung software will go to South Korea’s public roads.

Samsung will develop software, electronics, cameras and autonomous car sensors.

The Korean electronics giant also manufactures cars as Renault Samsung Motors. The French company bought 70% of Samsung Motors in 2000 for $560 million. Quietly, thankfully Samsung does not aspire to produce its own autonomous cars. Koreans will focus on what they know the best, i.e. electronics and software. The same strategy is also adopted by Apple.

Artificial intelligence algorithms are involved in the project, which, with advanced sensors, can operate even during severe weather conditions. Who knows, maybe Samsung will even overtake Tesla here. If this scenario works out, then Koreans will be making a profit on providing a standalone system for different car manufacturers. The tests will be conducted with a Hyundai car, but this does not exclude the ability to work with other companies. There is no sentiment in business. For example, Apple is competing with Samsung in the consumer electronics market. However, Apple has bought OLED screens for their new iPhone smartphones from Samsung.

Source: SamMobile

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