You probably have seen already systems that measure the speed of vehicles, which persuade drivers to slow down if they detect speeding. Similar solutions are being created in Great Britain, where they are used to catching drivers using smartphones. However, this system has several disadvantages.

A driver using a mobile phone while driving is a big threat not only to himself, but above all to other road users. And it’s not just about people talking on the phone. Using a smartphone is much more dangerous. Writing one text message, checking Facebook notification or catching a Pokemon can have serious consequences. That’s why special road signs have been installed in the county of Norfolk that detect running smartphones. The sensors installed are able to recognize if the phone is used with the hands-free system. The system analyses radio signals reaching the sign and if it detects that the smartphone is used without a hands-free kit, the sign will display an image encouraging the device to be put off. The sign should also ignore the smartphone used for navigation.

smartphone sign

Signs detecting active smartphones will not punish drivers

There is a very good reason for this. For now, we are dealing with an experiment that is based on a psychological factor. The people behind this venture are convinced that a simple warning is enough for most drivers to stop using their smartphones. On the other hand, it would seem that this type of sign would be enough to equip the camera, which would allow punishing unruly drivers. However, the current solution can not determine if the smartphone is used by the driver or by one of the passengers. Currently, travellers often make their journey by car easier using the Internet using a smartphone. Therefore, automatic shooting would be a bad idea, because on most of them a passenger using a smartphone would be visible.

Source: Techspot

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