In Europe some time there is a discussion regarding the exclusion from the public of technology, which is an analogue radio. A lot of countries are afraid this revolution because of high cost of investment. However, it turns out that not all EU countries have such a mental block. A forerunner in this field will become Norway soon, because it will be the first country to abandon analogue FM radio to digital radio, i.e. the DAB +. This is a very bold step, because previously used analogue transmission will be switched off completely.

It is the decision of the Norwegian Ministry of Culture, which decided that analogue technology is going to start to disappear along with the January 2017. It is said also that the last FM stations will disappear with the end of December 2017. Norway is very well-prepared to this action. Already at this moment DAB + occupies a larger area than its analogue counterpart. In addition, up to twenty-two stations in this country just give in DAB +. The result is very satisfactory, especially since there may be many more in the near future. During the next year broadcasters form Norway will be able to choose which digital radio standard they want to use, i.e. DAB or DAB +. The difference between the two standards is essential. However, at the end of the next year every radio station in Norway will must broadcast in more recent digital radio standard, i.e. DAB+. Norwegians themselves do not like upcoming changes. It turns out that only 17% of the population approve the exchange of technology. This result is very weak, because in such developed country I expected something on the level of approximately 80% – 90%.

Do we need new digital radio?

The question is at least rhetorically. Consider the most important reason, namely exhaustion of FM frequencies. It is very important aspect, because the FM band is very narrow. In addition, the digital radio provides much better sound quality and, of course, greater availability. As a result, the cost of transmission is expected to be reduced up to 40%. It really is a lot of savings, despite the fact that the replacement of equipment will cost a lot.

This will not be an easy process. However, similar problems occurred when we were migrating from analogue to digital terrestrial TV. Situation in case of digital radio will be very similar. First you will have to obtain a new receiver compatible with DAB + standard. In my opinion the most problematic will be replacement of the radio in the car. This may simply cost a lot. Also, older people may not understand why they will have to buy new radio receiver. It will be difficult for them to explain why their durable and never breaking radio had suddenly stopped working.

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