Nokia bought Withings last summer for $191 million, while in February this year the brand was rebranded. Now all Withings products are marked with the logo of the Finnish tycoon. It turned out to be quite a good step, because the Steel HR analogue smartwatches sell very well. Yes, you read well, analogue smartwatches.

What is the biggest problem with smartwatches? People do not like the idea of ​​connecting a new watch to a charger every day. Unfortunately, this is the price of beautiful display and continuous wireless communication with our smartphone. This problem does not apply to fitness bands, but they are not too elegant. And that is where Withings comes in with Steel HR. In short, this is a stylish watch with an analogue dial integrated with a heart rate monitor, pedometer and Bluetooth module. Therefore, this is the fitness band in a traditional watch. As for the batteries, it holds up to 25 days.

Withings Steel HR smartwatches sell well.

Rajeev Suri, CEO of Nokia, used exactly these words during the first quarter of 2017 financial results presentation. There are no numbers for sales of these smartwatches. However, Nokia’s 16 million euro revenue comes from Digital Health and Digital Media business division, which also qualifies for sold smartwatches.

Rajeev Suri also referred to the expected return of Nokia’s smartphones to the mobile market. As we all know, this is being done by Finnish company HMD Global, which is a partner of Nokia. Rajeev Suri clearly stated that this is a venture with low risk. Nokia expects not only an almost certain profit from licensing, but also a positive impact on the brand image. Therefore, Nokia is keen to make smartphones prepared by HMD Global high quality.

Source: NPU, Seeking Alpha

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