Maps from Google are a very useful application not only for people driving cars. However, drivers are most likely to appreciate the coming changes. Google Maps is known for the fact that, based on telemetry data, they can accurately estimate the travel time from point A to B. These algorithms already inform us about the traffic in our area, but the new functionality is even more useful.

I must admit that I have used Google Maps a few times to determine the optimal time of departure. Every driver hates to stand in the traffic jams, and in big cities on different streets they appear at different times. Sometimes the difference of 5 – 10 minutes at work exit translates into even twice as long journey. Sometimes it helps to choose another route, this solution is not always available.

Google Maps will suggest the optimal departure time for the shortest trip time.

Unfortunately, this option is currently only available in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, this is standard Google’s strategy. This company always does so that they introduce new functionality in selected countries for testing purposes. Of course, later it will be available for other users. It is possible that Google is already working on a similar algorithm for public transport.

Many people say that Google is “spying on us all” and knows everything about us. Therefore, the collection of telemetry data has many diehard opponents. However, each of us likes to use the results of processing these data. Thanks to them, we know when there are the least people in our gym or in which hours you can to go to the mall to avoid crowds. Now, Google Maps will not only show the expected travel time accurately, but will also tell you when you should leave to make it as quick as possible. Therefore, telemetry is not as bad as we think. It is increasingly being used in our daily lives.

Source: GSM Arena

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