Currently, fierce discussions about the security of the 5G network are underway around the world. The Huawei corporation is also suspected of transmitting sensitive data to the Chinese Intelligence Agency. Germany does not want to exclude any of the suppliers without proving fault. Therefore, the government is considering setting strict safety requirements, which would exclude Huawei from all contracts for the construction of the 5G network.

The United States warns the whole world against allowing Chinese companies to telecommunications infrastructure. For Huawei this is a very big problem. The whole world is now facing the choice of base station providers and backbone network components for the 5G network. In addition, lack of understanding of the new technology means that many people have concerns about the cybersecurity of new networks. Analysts see one more aspect of the whole matter. It seems that Europe has become a training ground for trade between Washington and Beijing. The world has recently heard the news about the arrest of Huawei’s sales director in Poland. The Chinese giant cut himself off from the whole case and dismissed the employee who damaged the image of the company. However, the repercussions of these events do not go away. Huawei may now have problems in Germany, where the possibilities of excluding Chinese from 5G orders are discussed.

Germany does not want to introduce an unjustified ban on trade with Huawei

The Federal Association of German Industry (BDI) does not want any of the 5G base station manufacturers to be excluded from the possibility of concluding contracts without first proving the allegations. This is, of course, a potential ban on cooperation with Huawei for safety and unconfirmed allegations regarding the installation of hidden backdoors. No one has proven Huawei cooperation with Chinese intelligence so far. Perhaps the case conducted by the Polish agency will be a breakthrough in this matter. However, for the time being we only know that the investigation is being carried out against detained persons, not companies. The whole thing is serious enough that Ren Zhengfei himself spoke in it. Huawei CEO said that his company had never spied on behalf of the Chinese government. Despite the fact that he loves his country and supports the communist party, he would not do anything that could harm any country in the world.

Germany is considering a second way to cut off Huawei from the telecommunication infrastructure. This is about setting new safety requirements. They would be so restrictive that Chinese companies could not meet them. However, such a procedure would require changes in the telecommunication law, which could delay the implementation of the 5G network.

Source: Reuters, Handelsblatt

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