Have any of you ever tried to install Gentoo? This distribution is considered to be one of the most difficult to install and use because it requires the user to configure all options independently. It is true that you can use the handbook that will guide you through this process, but it will take a long time. Gentoo has that for itself, that every package is compiled on the user’s computer. This allows the system to be optimized for the equipment. However, this requires a lot of knowledge.

Installing Gentoo is also a great way to learn Linux. Even if you use universal flags, you will still have to go through the process of compiling the kernel and configuring the graphical environment. I used to use this distribution myself, but I could not stand it for too long. The necessity of compiling each update package is a bit persistent because it takes a lot of time. Actually, I did it in the days of Pentium 4, but it must be taken into account that with the development of processors, the complexity of our applications has also increased. The compilation of Firefox took 45 minutes. I was even tempted to install KDE, but I had to leave the computer turned on all night. Therefore, Gentoo installations for people dependent on computer access is a real challenge.

The 32-year-old Australian tried to install Gentoo on his main computer.

It turned out to be a cause of depression, an underdog Gentoo user literally lost the desire to live. This was his first serious attempt to install this operating system. He prepared for this action. He knew that it will not be easy and it will take a long time. However, this task surpassed him. He was admitted to the hospital, although his condition was stable, but serious. Previously, he spent several days on completing the Gentoo installation with the usual Xfce (a very simple graphical environment) with XTerm (graphical console application). So nothing extraordinary. There are no questions even about the installation of graphics card drivers, support for several monitors or webcams. His brother was observing the whole situation. What he observed is interesting. The Australian did not throw a keyboard or punch his monitor. It was not terrible for him as well as all the configuration files.

The worst part was the process of compiling individual Gentoo packages.

This is not particularly difficult process. Gentoo has a great system of dependence on packages, in my opinion it is much better than apt-get in Debian and Ubuntu. The package compilation process with all dependencies is fully automated. But it can last forever. This has caused depression in a man. He sat and watched thousands of lines of code scrolling across the screen. The worst part of it was that he could not use his computer at the time. Only what he could do was to browse Facebook and web pages using a smartphone. Maybe if it was a spare computer and at the time of compilation he would have second machine available, it would all end well. However, full installation and configuration of Gentoo would probably take him months.

Source: Sudo Satirical

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