Well. An old Internet proverb says that Internet Explorer is only used for one: Firefox download. Today, this task rests on the shoulders of the Edge browser, which is used to download Google Chrome. However, it turns out that it does not go well. It turns out that after entering the ‘download chrome’ password, the first search result contains an infected installer of the searched browser.

Cybercriminals are becoming more and more creative. Recently in fashion there are insistent advertising campaigns that run a script that extracts cryptocurrencies in the background. However, this attack is not as creative as the method discovered by Gabriel Landau. It turns out that cybercriminals have found a fairly easy way to reach a huge number of unsuspecting internet users. This attack is aimed at people who have just installed Windows 10 or for the first time launched a new laptop. After all, the first thing they do is run Edge and download Chrome. Unfortunately, the Microsoft search engine will suggest that they visit the website from which they will download the infected installer.

Microsoft has already solved the problem with search results for ‘download chrome’

It turned out that the entire attack was carried out with the help of an advertising campaign in the Bing search engine, which was targeted at the Edge browser users. This ad has already been removed, but previously unsuspecting users have been sent to http://googleonline2018.com/chrome. At first glance, it resembles the Google page, but the installer downloaded from it is signed by Alpha Criteria, not the giant from Mountain View.

This case shows very clearly that Microsoft still has a lot to do in terms of user safety. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers recognize the website used by cybercriminals as potentially dangerous. Edge browser should be equipped with the same mechanism. Then this type of attack would not have the slightest chance of success, because users would be warned when trying to visit the suspicious site.

Source: Digital Trends

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