Erotic services have been, are and will be part of the Internet. It is not possible to eliminate them, because people simply are using them. Sexual preferences or fantasies, as people call it, are very individual and does not require discussion.

Although repeatedly it said that “my opinion is more important, because it is my”. In the case of eroticism so it does not work. Not every pair is sexually matched. Not everyone has a pair. Therefore, people look for in the network something exciting and they do not necessarily want the whole world to know what they do and what they like. This is the reason why every leak from any popular erotic or adult site is so shocking. I can already see the crowds sad wives who are looking for the names of their husbands at the time of the leak. Jokes, jokes, but this intrusion did not ridiculous. Especially for the user of such sites. It may be that the appearance of their names on such a list can reverse their life upside down: to destroy the marriage, whether to take the job. Alleged anonymity network provides users with the opportunity to meet other people with similar libido. As it turns out, not just to end anonymous.

This time the data of AdultFriendFinder site users leaked.

There was in fact a very serious intrusion, which have been heavily compromised safety rules. Data leaks are exposed to the users who have accounts removed from this site. Network leaked because the data are 339 million accounts this site. It also turns out that this is already removed 19 million accounts that were still in the database, as well as 62 million accounts from the site and 7,000,000 of So far it is not known who made the burglary and what he intends to do with the data. Data leaked to e-mail users, the date of last log-ins, information and payments and passwords that were encrypted using SHA-1. Of course, the owners of the portal and the person responsible for security do not admit that the leak happened or they have some gaps in security mechanisms. What is the standard – hide your head in the sand and pretend that nothing does not know. He says, however, with one of the loopholes in the system has already been patched. However, looking at the enormity of the data that was stolen, all that fun is not.

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