Huawei has further problems in the United States. The Chinese have long ago become used to the fact that they can not count on signing a contract with any American mobile network operator. However, this time the US authorities have concerns about the security of Wi-Fi devices from Huawei. They do not want him at American football stadiums.

Nobody has yet proven that Huawei cooperates with the intelligence agency of the People’s Republic of China. However, Americans prefer to blow on cold and do not allow Chinese to the telecommunications infrastructure of the country. Therefore, Huawei and ZTE do not cooperate with any of the American operators over 5G networks. There are also no LTE transmitters there. It even came to the point that Huawei smartphones are not sold in the salons of American operators. At the same time, the current restrictions did not apply to Wi-Fi equipment.

Why do not Americans want Wi-Fi from Huawei in NFL stadiums?

It’s obviously about national security. Michael Wessel, a government adviser, is concerned about the deal between Huawei and the Washington Redskins football team. The Chinese have offered to build a Wi-Fi network at the FedEx Field stadium in exchange for placing ads. We would deal here with a typical barter agreement: free Wi-Fi for free advertising. However, the US government fears that the Chinese could use these devices to spy on the most important people in the country.

Michael Wessel pointed out that the most important representatives of the government who are involved in law enforcement and military activities attend American football matches. Wi-Fi devices could be used to intercept their electronic correspondence. Is there anything to be afraid of? Not everyone shares the concerns of Michael Wessel. Finally, government representatives use encrypted mail. Therefore, intercepting any communication should not endanger the US national security. Despite this, the government adviser thinks it would be too risky to install Huawei devices at the Washington stadium.

Source: The Verge

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