We all know memes about indestructible Nokia 3310. It is simply still a living legend. But as it turns out, not only the good old Nokia 3310 is capable of heroic deeds. Some time ago Lumia 520 saved the live of Brazilian policeman. A similar story took place in Syria, where the hero was a Nokia X2. While in Yemen, life of its owner had been saved by the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Today Nokia phones can be meet occasionally, but it may change in the near future. The former tycoon mobile phone market realized that fraternizing with Microsoft and sleep through the era of touch screens was a mistake. I can not wait for the phone with the logo of Nokia and Android on board. I hope that it will be a decent hardware.

This time the hero was the Nokia 301, which was shot in Afghanistan.

I doubt that the released to the market more than three years ago phone belonged to one of the soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. Nokia 310 probably saved the life of one of the Afghans. Today, we have times when it is more likely that our smartphone would do us harm, than save our lives. Unfortunately, nowadays we often encounter reports of another model with a defective battery, which can explode next to our head. I wonder whether we would be witnesses of more such cases, if there was more Nokia mobiles on the market. Of course, some Samsung phones also reprimanded ball for their owners, but somehow it is, that the reports of the heroic Nokia phones arouse more emotion. It is clear that this brand further is present in our hearts and Nokia smartphones with Android can make a pretty good commotion on the market.

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