Most people associate the Huawei brand with the production of smartphones. However, like Nokia, Huawei is a powerful player on the market for telecommunications equipment manufacturers. We are dealing here not only with switches and routers, but also with base stations. Therefore, Huawei is conducting very intensive work on the next generation network, namely 5G. The Chinese have just been proud of the results of tests carried out in Italy. Speed ​​at 3 Gbps in the 100 MHz band is impressive.

Huawei has problems entering the United States market. The directors of the security agency there directly warn against buying telecommunications equipment from Chinese manufacturers (Huawei and ZTE are mentioned here). That’s why Huawei works extensively with European operators. For example, the Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile Germany) already has three 5G base stations in Berlin. Now we have learned about tests conducted in Italy, where the Chinese manufacturer of telecommunications equipment cooperates with TIM and Fastweb operators. For 5G tests, the government allowed the use of frequencies in the band from 3.6 GHz to 3.8 GHz.

Huawei achieved 3 Gbps data transmission speed during recent 5G tests

The most important thing in all of this is that the above speed was obtained during transmission using a 100 MHz wide frequency block. This means that the bandwidth utilization rate is 30 bps/Hz. Is this a lot? Standard LTE offers a maximum data transfer rate of 150 Mbps in a block with a width of 20 MHz, so the bandwidth utilization rate is 7.5 bps/Hz. Currently, thanks to the 4×4 MIMO technique and 256 QAM modulation, the maximum speed has been raised to 400 Mbps (20 bps/Hz). Thus, the 5G technology developed by Huawei is 50% more efficient than the most advanced LTE-Advanced solutions. This is not a dizzying difference, but we must remember that we are only dealing with the beginnings of the 5G network. Huawei intends to spend $790 million to develop 5G this year. As it goes on, the base station manufacturers keep their promises saying that the 5G network will be 10 times better than LTE without any problems.

Source: RCR Wireless

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