Other the recent years, the mobile market has been incredibly inspired by the new Samsung Galaxy S models. Some people also claim that these are cult phones. Nothing unusual. Samsung really did try. However, it turns out that even so prominent models may have problems.

Samsung Galaxy S8 can be called ideal phones, but even among such stars we may encounter worse copies.

The error which I want to describe does not concern the whole series, but some copies. Fortunately, the mobile market leader acknowledges that the problem is known. This is half the battle. The problem is related to defective displays on some Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones. True, we can find a bunch of tips on the web that are supposed to fix the display problem. They come down to adjusting colour temperature and screen settings. However, it turns out that they did not give absolutely nothing. White colour was not white, just falling into the red, which eventually gave a pink glow. One of the company’s analysts has been tempted to say that the problem is due to the technology used by the manufacturer to set the right colour balance. According to him, in the AMOLED panels the pink glow is often encountered, but usually you need to look at the screen at a sufficiently wide angle.

Samsung has already announced a suitable update which will fix the problem.

This patch is intended to help with the correct display of colours. As the Koreans announced, the patch will be released in couple days, meaning you will not have to wait too long for it. Nobody yet knows when exactly it will be available in different regions of the world. This is also very Interesting how Samsung is going to fix the problem. The company plans to increase the range of available colours, which ultimately has the potential to bring white to white. In addition, they report that this error is not strictly related to the hardware.

However, user reactions are more acute.

People are very unhappy with this kind of marketing. Most customers consider this a serious mistake that should not occur at all. At this point we are informed that the pink glow screen issue caused that Samsung did not present its new flagship at the MWC 2017 in Barcelona. However, everyone earlier speculated that the delay was due to longer battery tests of the new Galaxy S8. Samsung could not afford the same problem with Note 7.

Source: Phandroid

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