Some time ago I had very unpleasant small accident. I was going with my friend to Pokemon Go lure party. We have decided to go by a car. My friend was driving, so I was checking passing Poke Stops on both phones. Unfortunately, my friend’s phone became hot and it burned me.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of smartphones with overheating issue on the market.

I do not want anyone to do bad publicity and therefore I will not mention the manufacturer of my friend’s mobile. However, I would like to warn you before overheating smartphones with e.g. Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset. Why do these phones have issue with temperature? Each electric circuits increase their temperature when they are used. For an example Pokemon Go mobile game uses GPS module, mobile data modem and it renders graphics. It also uses a camera and gyroscope in AR (Augmented Reality) mode. These all operations are supported and processes by smartphone’s SoC (System on Chip), i.e. Snapdragon chipset in this case.

The most problematic case is when a smartphone consumes more power than it is able to charge up.

To be honest, my friend’s mobile was charging up when I was using it. The phone was warming up because of the load caused by Pokemon Go. Additionally, the charging current also caused that the temperature increased. However, overheating problem is not present when a smartphone is used in normal mode, i.e. application data synchronizes at the background, WiFi and Bluetooth are turned on. Also, power saving mode is very useful and helps to decrease smartphone temperature. To be hones, my friend had not faced overheating issue before he has started to play in Pokemon Go.

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