People who are digging cryptocurrencies, i.e. miners, caused a crisis on the GPU market. The increase in the BitCoin exchange rate also resulted in other cryptocurrencies, which are profitable to extract using graphics cards. That’s why the AMD Radeon cards disappeared from the stores first, and then the problem also affected the Nvidia cards. Currently, the efficient graphics cards of both manufacturers are both extremely expensive and there is a problem with their availability. That is why Nvidia asked distributors to try to solve this problem.

Graphics cards are currently the most effective way of extracting cryptocurrencies on a large scale. However, not every model is suitable for this. Therefore, the crypto-currency miners are interested in efficient graphics cards, which are also characterized by moderate demand for electricity. The last factor is the price of the graphics card, which determines the payback time of the investment. Both Nvidia and AMD offer models dedicated to miners, which are characterized by increased efficiency in cryptographic calculations and are adapted to continuous operation at maximum load. However, these models are more expensive than cards intended for the consumer market, i.e. for players. These, in turn, throughout the craze created by cryptocurrencies have a problem with upgrading their computers. Boris Böhles, spokesman for the German branch of Nvidia, said:

“For NVIDIA, players are the most important. All activities related to our GeForce product line are aimed at our main customers. In order to provide good availability of GeForce graphics cards, we recommend that our trading partners take the necessary precautions to meet the needs of the players.”

Many stores have limited the maximum number of ordered Nvidia GeForce cards to 2 units.

Some of the German online stores decided to respond to Nvidia’s request. However, the restrictions are limited to a single model of a given graphics card. Miners can easily buy different cards within one order and thus ensure the proper performance of their “mine”. In such cases, the online store employees could independently verify suspicious orders. However, this type of discrimination against customers is not allowed legally in many countries. Therefore, many people doubt that Nvidia’s appeal will improve the current situation of the graphics card market. The problem is very serious. If the proverbial cryptocurrency bubble burst in the near future, the auction sites will flood quite a lot of efficient graphics cards from the liquidated mines. Their price will be attractive, which will hurt the sale of new models.

Source: Computerbase

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