It must have happened once. More and more companies are giving up support for a bit outdated 32-bit platform. Almost all of us already use 64-bit operating systems. That is why Nvidia announced that the new version of the drivers (i.e. the 390 series) will be released only in the 64-bit version. However, owners of 32-bit operating systems will not be left without any support.

Nvidia does not intend to add any new functionality to the older series of drivers that are available for 32-bit operating systems. However, for a year (i.e. until January 2019), security and critical updates will be provided for them. Thanks to this, people who for some reasons still use 32-bit operating systems, have time to change to 64-bit. The changes apply to Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10, Linux and FreeBSD operating systems.

Nvidia indicates that 64-bit operating systems are the norm.

Among the players, the most popular system is Windows 7 64-bit. At least this is due to the statistics provided by the Steam platform. The second group of Nvidia clients are professionals who need an efficient graphics card to work on multiple monitors, photos or video creation. For such applications, the 32-bit operating system has no right to exist. The 390 series drivers will also be the first ones that will not have support for NVS 310 and NVS 315 cards. They are low-profile cards designed for office use in dual-monitor environments. However, their owners can count on the appearance of critical updates by December 2021. Thanks to such a strategy, Nvidia does not have to devote unnecessary work to support solutions that are virtually unused by its clients. Thanks to this, developers can focus on the development of new functionalities. However, people who, for some reason, use outdated solutions, have a lot of time to change. During the interim period they will continue to receive updates to fix errors discovered in the meantime.

Source: Nvidia

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