I confess to you without beating that I did not want to write more about the last hit HMD Global, i.e. new version of the Nokia 3310. However, as I read this information, I could not keep this for myself. Russian Caviar company is known from making exclusive edition of phones for rich Russians. This time the company has prepared a special Caviar titanium housing with golden likeness of Vladimir Putin. Of course, such a connection is reserved only for the unique handset which is undoubtedly the Nokia 3310.

Caviar Nokia 3310 Putin

I do not want to convince anyone to this new phone, because I do not have the best opinion about the new Nokia 3310. However, I must admit that the Caviar’s housing has its own style and nicely presents on this phone. Only if it would not have those golden panels… But one thing is certain. The Nokia 3310 is still after so many years memorable mobile and a lot of people love this. Nokia 3310 is associated with strength, durability and long battery lifetime. Therefore, without any doubt, a wealthy citizen of the Russian Federation will want to have such a gadget.

Caviar Supremo Putin Nokia 3310 costs 99 000 rubles, i.e. about £1 400.

Pricey, but probably the feeling when beloved leader looks at you when you are taking a photo is priceless. However, to be honest, the phone is made from decent materials, namely titanium and gold mesh inserts in the form of:

  • home button with hand-engraved coat of arms of Russia,
  • Caviar company logo,
  • plate with hand-engraved words of the hymn,
  • portrait of Vladimir Putin – double gold-plated.

Of course, in the middle is the famous new Nokia 3310 from HMD Global. All modifications made by Caviar are purely aesthetic. Lastly, we should add that ordered phone is packaged in a chic red box. You may laugh, but even Apple supplies its smartphones in ordinary cardboard boxes. Caviar at least makes sure that every little detail testifies about the uniqueness of the product.

Nokia 3310 Putin

Source: CaviarThe Register

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