I had in my life a lot of classic mobile phones and smartphones. I like technology, because even if my equipment works well, I exchange it for a new model. Although it went through a bunch of different models and companies, but my favourite mobile ever was so far the famous Nokia 3310. I have for this phone really huge sentiment. Admittedly, the Nokia 3310 is one of the icons of the mobile market.

It is still the star of the classic mobile phones. Everyone wanted to have this, and everyone has been playing Snake – the most famous mobile game ever. In one sentence, the Nokia 3310 is a phone-legend. Especially in memory of fallen its indestructibility. My friend has thrown a Nokia 3310 against wall. The mobile was not damaged, but the wall had substantial hole. Try to do the same with your beautiful iPhone or Samsung smartphone.

It is not surprising that HMD Global wants to remake Nokia 3310 and this is not just a rumour.

This evokes a lot of emotion, because people are not able to imagine how it would look. User requirements in relation to this phone can be really big. After all, the Nokia 3310 reigned on the market 16 years ago. A lot has changed in the mobile market since then. The more I wonder how the new-old Nokia 3310 would look like. At these times we could barely get stationary access to the Internet. No one even dreamed about mobile Internet. There was no Facebook and Instagram, and every phone user was afraid to send MMS, because it cost too much. However, Nokia 3310 was able to survive several days on a single charge. There was no need to buy a powerbank. HMD Global did not reveal any official information about new Nokia 3310.

However, no one forbids us to present us own vision.

It is quite probably that new Nokia 3310 will not have all modern features. It could definitely say goodbye to the durable battery. Moreover, the price is very interesting, because new remake of this classic phone will cost about $60. This is not a high price, which means that most likely HMD Global is going to release old school device. Perhaps remake of Nokia 3310 will have bigger screen, but of course physical keyboard is mandatory. I hope that HMD will develop some handy dictionary which will speed up texting. Now, after getting used to the system keyboards on the touch screen, it will be hard for us to switch to the numeric keyboard.

An important factor is of course the operating system.

Of course this will not another Android or Windows Mobile smartphone. They also will not use Symbian operating system, which is not released any longer since 2012. HMD Global will probably use the Nokia Series 30+ operating system, which also run on Nokia 150. We will have to wait for the official specification, but not for so long. HMD Global will present a new version of the Nokia 3310 during the Mobile World Congress on 28th February.

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