When we buy a new dream laptop, we do not think that one day it will break down and we will need to fix it. Also, many people assume that instead of repairing of a faulty computer, it will be better to buy a new one. It seems that the same approach has more and more manufacturers. The new Microsoft Surface Laptop is simply unrecoverable. Replacing a battery, a hard drive, or even adding a RAM module is a nightmare. Without a professional service it is practically impossible.

Even if you return the computer for repair, it can return to you in even worse condition. iFixit site is known for dismantling electronic devices for the first factor. With the Nintendo Switch they managed without a problem. Xiaomi’s smartphones also are for them like a piece of cake. However, even with such experience with a few years of experience they had trouble opening a new Microsoft “laptop” without damaging it. The whole case is glued together and very delicate. Opening a Microsoft Surface Laptop without damaging it is bound to miracle.

Microsoft Surface Laptop has been rated as 0/10.

Something I think after seeing this material, most laptop sites have put a new product on the black list of Microsoft products that they do not repair. And in each laptop sooner or later you will have to replace the batteries. Batteries have a certain lifetime and simply no longer function after a certain number of charge cycles. Therefore, replacement of this element should be relatively simple. Unfortunately, in the case of the new Surface, you must first pull out almost everything (including the mainboard) to get to the battery and replace it. Is this the price of miniaturization? Even if, it is probably better to buy a slightly heavier device which the service will not be a problem later. Modern computers are powerful enough that they should be good enough for a few years. Most people do not need faster processors, disks, or more RAM. It would be a shame if the replacement of the computer would be dictated by the fact that the battery can not be replaced.

Microsoft Surface Laptop parts

Source: iFixit

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