New mobile network technology is fast approaching. One of the companies that intends to offer various types of devices that support 5G is Huawei. We have just had the opportunity to learn about the plans of the Chinese telecommunications market leader. The first smartphone operating in 5G networks will appear on the market in the third quarter of 2019. This premiere will be preceded by portable routers and external 5G antennas.

Huawei works extensively with operators around the world and conducts many 5G network tests. However, the Chinese giant is not only focused around base stations. Huawei also intends to produce subscriber devices that support the new technology, which will be equipped with proprietary 5G modems. At the beginning of next year will be presented the world’s first CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) set, which is a 5G modem integrated with an external antenna. Later (i.e. in the second quarter) we will see a portable 5G router acting as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Thanks to this, currently owned devices will be able to connect to the Internet using new technology.

Huawei will present a 5G smartphone in the third quarter of 2019

However, the Chinese did not reveal any information about the name and specification of this revolutionary smartphone. Many people suspect that it will be the flagship of the Mate series. Although Huawei may decide to produce a special model that will be used to test the new technology. It is worth noting that Huawei is developing its own 5G modem, which will be used in new devices. The first of them is the Balong 5G01 chip, which was shown at this year’s MWC. This modem offers speeds of 2.3 Gbps. Perhaps Huawei will be able to refine his solution in the meantime and the first smartphone will offer even faster data transfer.

Source: Telecoms

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