What more malicious people believe that Samsung is now looking for money wherever it is possible, to cover the cost of replacement Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. However, such agreements are negotiated for months and it can not be organized from day to day. Samsung has decided to sell their whole business involved in printers. The beneficiary of this decision will soon be one of the leaders of this market, which is HP.

I remember times when in stores you had only a choice only between HP printers and Canon. People were buying mainly liquid inkjet printers and the HP proved to be a more reasonable choice than the Canon. Each cartridge could be easily refilled several times without any loss of print quality. Later laser printers and multifunction devices have dominated the market. However, Samsung has also decided to join the game and earn some money by selling printing devices.

HP will buy the Samsung’s printer business for $1.05 billion.

Frankly, it is a very interesting decision, which a little surprised me at first. However, after a short reflection, I realized that this is a very logical step. Who of you recently bought a home printer from HP? I do not know a single person! Now everyone buys a home multifunction devices, which from HP are too expensive. However, this great company with printing tradition is very popular in small and medium-sized companies. The business community depends on reputable brand and they want a product that will work without any problem with any operating system. Anyway, I have seen persons who were using HP network printers via a smartphone with Android or iOS. Unfortunately, HP does not have their own laser technology and they have to buy a solution from Canon. By this HP can not be competitive in the segment of devices which most interest to the home user. Through it, HP also loses large (i.e. corporate) business customers. Unfortunately, the service and the maintenance of HP printers is simply too expensive.

HP will also gain 6 500 Samsung’s patents.

Apparently knowledge is priceless, but it is known not from today the IT patents have (high) price. Besides the patents, HP will gain other (almost priceless) natural good. Samsung has a very substantial research and development department, which consists of 1 300 world-class employees. As a result, HP will protect from Canon and became the no. 1 player in the printing industry with a very extensive portfolio. At first glance HP is going to prepare A3-size MFP. I am curious when we will see new multifunction printing devices with HP logo in our homes. Interestingly, in Korea, HP will sell the device with the Samsung logo. There is nothing like customer loyalty to the local provider 🙂


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