From each camera holder we will hear many advantages and disadvantages about his equipment and the comparison to the competition. The market of digital cameras is considerable, and it depends on us what we choose and what we will appeal. We know one thing, we have to choose between expensive professional equipment, half advanced and amateur. The main indicator here is the technology, and given the shelf is hard defined by price. Likewise the same kind of camera do with us big difference, as Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera, professional full frame or very light and advanced Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera, but also classic compact cameras, when we don’t want to play too much with replacement lenses and don’t look for the purchase of advanced equipment to the studio or in the open air.

Last trend: Mirrorless

If you are looking for a camera light and handy, this type of camera is perfect for you. Thanks to the advanced technology that it has, and really good value compared to the usual STR, it is a considerable competition. All this is due to the lack of mirror, which made it possible to reduce the distance between components, and given the chance to mount in this place additional electronics and technological innovations. We can add to this touchscreen with replaceable lens.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8


Lumix series, and above all a series of DMC-GX6 it was developed based on the best use of the camera mechanism to extract the maximum amount of detail when recording movies. The manufacturer of this small device was able to put technology, which allows to capturing images in 4K resolution at 25 frames per second. Filming is well supported by image stabilization and a really fast autofocus, so you get sharp images and ever full and smooth focus. EVF as the same may praise its own OLED screen with 1.54-times magnification, which makes our work easier and could be much more pleasant.This camera is available in 2 colors: black and silver.

Price: $1 100

The classic professional

They say that DSLR gone to rest, and now everything has to be lean and be smart, but we are going with the time, we try to make our equipment was reliable, ever using more optics than electronic components, we still want, that our equipment could be equal the latest technology.

Canon EOS 70D


The main advantage of this SLR is its 20 megapixel APS-C, through which we will be able to get a lot of really nice pictures and good quality videos. With the help of set our manual settings, we’ll get even more control over the image. Autofocus and continuous shooting, although such a low budget can also interest us, and it is because we have available up to 7 frames per second and 19 focus points, so that our work will always be sharp, where you will want. For those wishing to record movies good news is that the Live View Mode on this model works quite well. Unfortunately, the only disadvantage, which go with price, is that you are limited to 30 fps at Full HD quality. The camera screen in addition to its rotation, it also supports touch, making it a quick and enjoyable way we can get our settings and to quickly change necessary and useful options like autofocus or light color.

Price: $990

Good camera for vacation and trip

So what we can fit into a handbag, but that does not weigh much and held in one hand? In this task the best will exercise a normal compact camera. Apparently nothing, small, handy with a larger lens, but without the possibility of replacement optics. But it turns out that it can be good enough. And although we must admit that the competition ahead of him, those expensive models, whey really have a chance to compete with the SLR, but not on these models of high-end talking.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ60


Price is low, but there are some aspects that may look on him favorably during the purchase. Though in possession of the same focal length, and the matrix, there is one mode, which beautifully sets it apart. A speech is slow motion mode, which allows us to record HD video in 100 frames per second. In addition, the camera has a 5-position image stabilization, WiFi, GPS, and a digital viewfinder, which is really rare in such a low-cost models.

Price: $250

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