How many times have you had to repeat a command, because Siri (or other voice assistant e.g. Cortana) could not understand you. I bet that you thought that the problem is your accent, slurred pronunciation or voice recognition algorithm. However, the truth is that we have very low quality microphones in our smartphones.

Mobile manufacturers invest a lot of money in faster processors, RAM modules, higher capacity internal storage memories, better quality screens and cameras. The parameters of these components can boast a specification or compare with competitors. Also, people want to have more powerful smartphones which will be able to handle more advanced applications, to take nice photo and to record high quality video.

Microphones in our smartphones did not change since 2012.

The only difference is that some modern mobiles have more mics than one, however not all smartphone manufactures are convinced that more microphones provides better voice quality. Apple used a single microphone in the first iPhone, in 2014 the iPhone 6 had three mics and finally the latest iPhone 6s has four microphones. Motorola also is fan of multiple mics systems and they installed five microphones in DROID Turbo 2 smartphone. However, Samsung use only two mics in their flagship Galaxy line.

Users would like to see an improvement in voice assistant systems.

The expectation is that they will get the correct answer from Siri, Google Now or Cortana the first time. This is very annoying when you have to repeat the question or to move your phone closer. Currently, the problem is that microphones installed in our smartphones catch too much background noise. I hope that mobile companies will invest more money in this aspect and it will simply work better.

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