PC market will again be able to experience technological progress. All through the launch of a new family of processors, i.e. AMD Ryzen. They will be able to compete with the most powerful solutions from Intel. Of course, there is one condition – the processors will not support Windows 7 operating system.

AMD Ryzen processor family will appear already in March.

From the beginning of March, Ryzen will become the most efficient computing components from AMD. Experts already have very positive opinion about these new processors. The most important fact is that they will be able to compete with Intel. For a long time AMD bear defeat at the battle for customers with Intel. Now it is going to change. This is caused by the hegemony of Intel roadmap. New Intel’s CPUs offer nothing spectacular.

AMD Ryzen is going to be new leader of computing for personal computers.

Designers of AMD Ryzen series did this time a good job. They used the technology called AMD SenseMi. It will allow up to 40% increase in processed instructions. AMD also has modernized the voltage control system, which more efficient than the previous solutions. It will ideally adjust the voltage depending on the task being performed. An interesting innovation is the application of artificial intelligence in CPU. This groundbreaking idea will memorize behaviour of the application. Therefore, AMD Ryzen processor will learn how to control the voltage when we are listening music, watching video, browsing the Internet or even playing our favourite game.

The only “problem” is lack of support for Windows 7.

If you want to take advantage of new solutions implemented in AMD Ryzen, then you will have to upgrade your operating system to Windows 10. Microsoft has informed that the good old Windows 7 operating system will lose full support at the beginning of 2020. AMD is a good step – they have decided to not limit performance of new CPU because of compatibility with old operating system. Also, it was too expensive to develop and maintain drivers for Windows 7. Of course, it will be possible to install Windows 7 (and any other old operating system) on PC with AMD Ryzen processor. However, it will not use all new technologies which make this CPU so exceptional.

Source: Forbes.com

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