The GameCube is the console which probably does not need any introduction. Each game fan will certainly know titles such as Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion and the legendary Super Smash Bros. If you do not know what I mean, then you should read this article. Today I would like to write a few words about the GameCube and its connection with the upcoming Nintendo Switch.

Do you know what a Nintendo Switch is?

As you probably already have read about this, the upcoming Nintendo Switch is new hybrid console which is both: portable and stationary. This is great idea, because you will able to continue your game on big screen (i.e. TV) when you come back to home.

Nintendo brand has also a lot of fans who would like to freshen up a bit of their youth and play the old classic games. There is only one problem. These old games were released on consoles which are unfortunately not produced any longer. However, Nintendo is known from their excellent ports of old games. I remember the Wii U, which, with its hardware requirements was able to use Virtual Console games and emulate the N64.

Nintendo has just announced full support and confirmed the fact that the new Switch console will be able to handle and emulate games from the GameCube.

I must admit that I was quite curious and, of course, pleased. I am a fan of old games, so I am very pleased that in the end I will able to play something different from today’s very easy titles with tutorials for everything. In my opinion,┬áthis is great strategy. People will buy new Nintendo’s console also with sentiment, because they will want to play the classic titles. Nintendo Switch with Virtual Console will offer support for the games from NES. Those who have already purchased a title on their Wii or Wii U console will be able to move their library to the new console and additional awards for their loyalty to the brand.

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