I have for you next information about Pokemon Go game. I bet that everyone of you would like to know where you have to go in order to find rare Pokemon. This is very hard task, because sometimes you walk several miles and you find only Rattata, Pidgey etc. However, you want to catch Pikachu, Abra, or Gyarados. Where will you find they?

You can find a lot of Pokemon’s locations on several sites and Facebook groups.

People publish screens with a map where they have caught cool Pokemons. You can also find a lot of discussions with speculations where to look for. These informations are very useful, but you have to remember about problems with GPS accuracy (only U.S. military devices are able to determine their position with 1 meter accuracy). Your smartphone is able to determine its position with error about 8 meters. Also, the precision is worse when you are inside a building. Therefore, you should look for some better source of information.

Someone had great idea and created the site where Pokemon Go trainers can report their findings.

This is amazing! People from whole world reports over 25 000 times daily places where they have found Pokemons. You will find also information about Gyms and Poke Stops. This is very useful, but unfortunately I did not find any mobile version. Are you interested? You will find the map on map.pokego.no site.

Pokemon Go map
Here you have a lot of reports from Pokemon Go trainers.

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