So far, the purchase of a new video game Sony’s console, i.e. PlayStation 4 Pro, was not very profitable. The refreshed version of the console has more powerful components that improve its performance. Sony released version of Pro mainly due to the VR games and applications. PlayStation 4 Pro also supports games in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. However, currently on the market there are not too many of these titles.

Sony also took care about backwards compatibility for games designed for the normal PlayStation 4. However, the usual assumption was that these games will not use the power dormant in the new console. Fortunately, this situation is about to change. Currently, very interesting feature is tested as part of beta version of 4.50 update for PlayStation 4. Holders of the Pro version can find in the settings the Boost Mode. How does it work? Unfortunately, it does not increase the frame rate or resolution.

Boost mode in PlayStation 4 Pro accelerates the old games

The new console will use the more efficient CPU and graphics card when you run games not intended for PlayStation 4 Pro. However, the number of frames per second will not change. If the game was released with 30 frames per second, then this frame rate will be used. However, thanks to the greater efficiency of the new console, this game will not slow down during the more demanding scenes. Unfortunately, the usual PlayStation 4 console was too weak to bear the full glory titles such as The Witcher 3. Therefore, developers have had to use some tricks. Sometimes they had to reduce the number of frames or to switch for a while to lower resolution. The boost mode is currently in the testing phase, so if you notice any problems, you can turn it off.

Finally, the 4.50 update for PS4 introduces the support for external hard drives

Better late than never. Competition has this feature from some while. Now finally it goes also for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. In particular, it should cheer the holders of consoles with 500 GB hard drives. Now they can buy a USB 3.0 external hard drive, connect it to the console and install more games. The console can handle drives with capacities up to 8 TB, but it will not store user data on them. This means that the saves and all your settings files will continue to be stored on the internal hard drive of the console. However, you will download and install any game on the external drive without any problem.

PlayStation 4 external drive

Source: The Verge

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