Pokemon Go is the most popular mobile game ever. This is great success of Niantic studio, Nintendo and Google. Players around the whole world are catching Pokemons. I have the impression that almost everyone play in this Pokemon Go. I see a lot of groups walking with a smartphone plugged in a power bank.

Nick Johnson has caught all 142 Pokemons which are available in U.S.

This is amazing achievement. The New York citizen has spent two 50-hours working weeks, he hatched 303 eggs and he walked 95 miles on foot. Nick has collected 4269 Pokemons in total. He does not have only region exclusive ones, which are available in Europe (Mr Mine), Asia (Farfetch’d) and Australia (Kangaskhan).

What is the most important when you are catching Nintendo animals? Comfortable shoes! Seriously, you have to walk a lot. You have to also use social media and gather information about nests and location of rare species. This is also good practice to look for Lure parties. However, you should not stay in place because you will catch all other the time only the same Pokemons.

I have only 59 Pokemons. What about you? How many Pokomons have you collected in your city?


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