Winter is coming, the days are getting shorter, and we do not want to leave the house. And what shall I do? The problem facing the same Pokemon trainers him, especially those who have reached a fairly high level and put all available Pokemon’y but a glimmer of hope for all those who are starting to get bored, because in the latest update for iOS 1.15.0 and 0.45. 0 for Android in the game code noted references to the implementation of Pokemons from the second generation!

Internet once again shown us that nothing can be hidden. Once again, after releasing new update of Pokemon GO, people from various forums have decompiled the source code from the APK file and informed about all the new changes and future functionalities waiting for players. The biggest announcement is new attack called Transform which has been added to the game. Of course, this is the movement characteristic for the only Pokemon from the first generation which is missing in our Pokedexes.

The second generation will be introduced in Pokemon GO soon.

Recently, Niantic Labs has introduced in Pokemon GO daily bonuses which should increase the number of daily active users. However, in my opinion another update will attrack more players to the game. A low of people have resigned because they have been catch the same Pokemons over and over. Fortunately the code analysis of the latest APK file indicates that Niantic will introduce 100 new Pokemons. Therefore, the total number of all Nintendo’s monster species will increase from 151 to 251. It is not known when this big update will be released, but you can start your preparation already. For an example, you can catch more 1st generation Pokemon in order to envolve them to new forms. I bet that you already have a lot of Eevee’s candies, but you will need more in order to develop Espeon and Umbreon. Also, you may think about catching Onix and Scyther, because 2nd form of these Pokemons will be introduced by 2nd generation update.

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