Although the Pokemon day was held on 26 February, at the end of the event, one of the programmers team Niantic wove in his long speech at the DICE Awards announcement of major changes and additional events in the product Pokemon GO. Looking at previous events and their effectiveness, we expect again event during which we will get double experience points.

Niantic may again launch event with doubled EXP

This year, at the DICE Awards event as all we know, the game Pokemon GO won the title of “Game of the Year”. At the end of the interview conducted by ING one of the main developers of the team, who creating a winning product, fell quite interesting words. In addition, thanks for competition, at the end of the developer mentioned “Save your candies“, and then he waved to the camera.

Of course, this is not reflected unnoticed. The topic was held at the Reddit. As one of the forum members, event’s pattern indicates that the next event in the game can actually be a double EXP. Looking at the diagram of events organized by the Niantic, it is easy to notice. Halloween (doubled candies) -> Thanksgiving Day (doubled EXP) -> Christmas / New Year (increased spawn for starter Pokémons from the Kanto regions) -> Valentine’s Day (doubled candies) -> New Event (doubled EXP?). Maybe it will be just an event organized to celebrate the upcoming Easter.

New events in Pokemon GO

We have a high probability that in the near future we can expect a new event. What’s more, following in the footsteps of ideas and symbolic Easter bunny, we can expect bonus event based on eggs and hatching. The good thing would be to hear also about increasing spawn of beautiful Pidgeys through, which we can raise the level of our character easly. Catching this type Pokémon with the object of running Lucky Egg would certainly help to catch up on gaining experience points.

One thing is for sure. We still have to wait a bit for an official message from Niantic on the launch of a new event in the game. At this moment, we know one thing. We can still do a little pick up candy for our Pokémon and have more Pokemon positions of the same species for evolution. Therefore, dear coaches, it’s time to start collecting as much good creatures from the region Kanto and Johto. And in the meantime complement a collection of candy.

Source: PokeGo Tips

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