Everyone likes to play for free. If someone is considering buying a title, this is the perfect opportunity to test it out. It is also a very good marketing trick, because the players who will like it will buy it later. This is what Blizzard is going to do once again to promote its network massive FPP, i.e. Overwatch, which will be available for free during the next weekend.

This is not the first such action, so regular players should not be afraid of overloading the servers. Blizzard is very well-prepared for such situations. This is also not a cheap marketing grab, as all the characters and maps will be available during the free weekend. Anyone who wants to try their best at Overwatch will be able to try out each of the 25 heroes on 16 maps in different game modes. There will also be a training mode that you can run and familiarize with the rules of the game.

Free weekend with Overwatch will start on Friday September 22nd at 20:00 CET

Free games will be available on all platforms. However, console owners will have to have active subscription which is required for network games, i.e. Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus. Computer owners are in better situation because, for Windows, you only have to have a free Battle.net account. Free season for Overwatch will end on Tuesday, September 26th at 08:59 CET. Throughout the promotion, the best thing is that the items acquired during the free weekend will be permanently assigned to your account. Therefore, if someone chooses to purchase Overwatch later, they will see all their achievements after logging in.

Source: Blizzard

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