For some time in the circles of Pokemon players people talk about the alleged bans. They hit mainly players who use cheats and illegal platforms. Especially in terms of users, who supported they gameplay using the Fake GPS and all kinds of applications for Pokemon IV calculation. Fake GPS allows you to set a location anywhere in the world. IV calculator is use for selection of Pokemon for evolution and power up.

Recently, Niantic has started to fight with Pokemon Go cheaters.

People, who obviously teleport for considerable distances, are blocked almost immediately. It turns out that there are also imposed two types of bans: Perm and Soft Ban. The first locks cheater’s account forever and it can not be turned back. If your account has been banned permanently, then You Have Been Banned communicate will be displayed and you will not able to log into your account. Fortunately (for cheaters), Soft Bans are more popular. This is precisely the punishment imposed on persons using Fake GPS. Softban takes from several minutes to 24 hours. This type of ban is very annoying and  it looks like the game bug. Soft banned player can not catch any Pokémon (every Nintendo monster escapes from any Pokéball), items are not dropped from Pokéstops and it is not possible to join any Gym battle. Niantic also has published a statement related to the banning of users. They simply will not tolerate any fraud in the game.


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