People have discovered that the newest graphics from Nvidia have the telemetry module which is not listed in the changelog. This looks suspicious, therefore, users began to spin conspiracy theories about spying. According to the reports, the telemetry module is run together with GeForce Experience application.

Telemetry is very controversial subject, because a lot of people that if any application send some data in the background then it is spying. Of course, in many cases they are wrong, because a lot of applications collect some statistic information about how we use the application. These statistics are very useful for developers, because thanks to this they know which functionalities should be developed. The second type of information send in the background to developers are crash reports. For an example, an application can collect the most important information about your computer (e.g. operating system version, CPU and GPU models etc.) and send this to developer after the crash. Thanks to this, it is easier to determine who also may face the same issue and how to fix it.

The telemetry module introduced in Nvidia drivers may be disabled.

As far, Nvidia did not explain how their telemetry module works and what kind of data is collected. If you are concerned about your privacy, you can turn it off in a fairly simple way:

  • download and run Microsoft Autoruns application (installation is not required),
  • type nvidia in the filter box,
  • uncheck NVTmMon, NvTmRep and NvTmRepOnLogon.

You can also disable the nVIDIA Wireless Controller by unchecking NVIDIA Wireless Controller Service and Nvidia ShadowPlay function by unchecking NvStreamKms. Now you can reboot your computer in order to apply the changes. If you face any problem, then you have to run Microsoft Autoruns program as Administrator.

Nvidia telemetry disable

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